What is Taxi Kiosk?

A Taxi Kiosk or Taxibooker is an automated booking solution for local businesses, this fixed point kiosk can order a taxi to your location to travel to a set destination or to a customer’s input in as little as 1 tap.

Fully customizable and compatible with existing Android (tablets or smartphones) or Internet Browsers, Taxi bookers are inexpensive and easy to setup.

Integrating directly with our taxi dispatch software your taxi is booked in seconds, the journey is logged and tracked, and the driver’s details and/or booking reference is issued onscreen.

Taxibooker opens up a wealth of possibilities, saving you money, freeing up employee time, and improving customer service.

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How can a Taxi Kiosk improve my business?

Exceed Customer Expectations

Go over and above to provide the best customer experience with straight forward booking.

Safe & Secure

All Vehicles & drivers are registered, and compliant with all regulations, set by your local council.

Increase Efficiency

Provide convenience in automated self-service, freeing up employee time & reducing queues.

Additional Features

Multi-lingual, Pre-booking, Executive vehicles, Booking Surcharges, Business Accounts, and MORE!

Why Taxi Kiosk?

The value of customer service

Customer service is of primary importance to any business, exceeding expectations makes a positive impact on your customers.

Building a reputation for impeccable customer service builds loyalty & makes you stand out from your competitors, making customers more likely to be retained for repeat business. Expanding on the value gained even further through referrals, reviews and ultimately creating more business.

In this way Investing in customer service is the most impactful thing you can do to increase your business.

Taxibookers provide excellent customer service with self-service booking whilst remaining convenient, low upkeep, and free up valuable employee time, by not having to repeatedly make calls.

Taxibookers can also be used in organising local collection & delivery speak to the office for more information.

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