Let's go!

Tis the season…to be Trolleyed!

Let’s be honest, we’ve all woken up the day after the work Christmas party, guilt stricken as the flashbacks and thumping headache arrive simultaneously.

Boss told where to go? Check!
Criminally bad dance moves on full show? Check!
Hangover from hell?! Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey, check!

Navigating the work party without disgracing yourself and having to front up the consequences walking into the office on Monday morning, can be a minefield. And given that a global pandemic thwarted a chance to get together in 2020, this year’s shenanigans have the potential to be as raucously jolly than ever.

Never fear, here’s A2BTaxiCabs definitive list of do’s and don’ts for your 2021 work Christmas party!

A2B Do’s


I mean we’re not advocating unruly behavior here. If you’re stood proudly at the summit of a booth in The Hereward, Christmas Jumper swinging above your head, bellowing out Fairytale of New York…whilst we admire your festive spirit, you’ve gone too far!

There is a line of course, but it’s Christmas for crying out loud so get as close to it as you can! After all, it’s the one time of year and if you’re lucky enough the bill’s being footed by the boss. Get involved, interact, enjoy the company of colleagues and make it a night to remember.


According to a study by AYRE Event Solutions, 2 million brits admit to cheating on a partner at a work Christmas do.

Mistletoe really is the poison ivy of office-based Christmas get togethers. It’s a guaranteed place on the naughty list! Office crush plus mistletoe, equals terrible, terrible idea. Think of it this way, enjoy the gossip around the one night only romance of accounts and HR, don’t be the gossip!


Don’t know what it is Mariah Carey wants for Christmas? Not sure whereabouts Noddy Holder is hanging up his stocking?

Do yourself a favour, have a quick google, in fact here’s Radio X list of top Xmas songs ever. These are ballads, ballads which need belting out by the entire team, CEO down to down the cleaner. Seriously there’s nothing better than a properly tuneless, tone deaf, lung bursting sing song at Christmas. And if you’ve got a favourite one, own it! Bob Geldof and Midge Ure played very minor songwriting roles, and you make Bono look a humble carol singer when you’re roaring your version of ‘Do they Know it’s Christmas?’

…By the way, Mariah wants you and Noddy wants it on his wall 😉


Sleeping in a bus shelter or against a post box is a bad decision, and don’t you dare think about taking those car keys out with you! A2BTaxiCabs are taking bookings now, we’ll get you home safe and sound, back to the comfort of your own bed ready for the hangover to arrive.

A2B Don’ts


Boring! Let’s put this simply. Eat too much, drink even more and relax in the merriment. That’s the general theme of the night. Not your brightest marketing idea. Get around the room, enjoy the company of your closest colleagues and let the alcohol take over to find out something unexpected about those colleagues you don’t know the first thing about. Need an icebreaker to get the Christmas chat going?

…would you rather have Rudolph’s antlers or nose?


Again like the above, why waste the one night a year where KPIs and projections are left at the door? Nobody likes the person sniffing around the bosses either, fishing for that promotion. Not to mention the impression you think you’re making on the all-important suits, may not be your best given the liquid refreshment of Baileys and shots of Santabuca.


Quite rightly enjoy your night, have a few drinks…and then have a few more. But the key is not to mistake this social environment for the one you’re used to when equally inebriated surrounded by your mates down the local. Unfortunately your killer quip, which landed a storm in the boozer, could hit a sore spot with a less than jolly colleague. All of a sudden you’ve made an enemy, and you’re the person in the office who told THAT joke!


I mean we gave you a slightly more subtle nudge earlier, but seriously just don’t do it! Auto Express revealed stats in 2019, which highlighted over 8% of all U.K drink driving offences in the whole of the previous year had taken place during the Christmas period. It’s never an option.

Why even risk it when A2BTaxicabs can bring your night to a comfortable and safe conclusion? We’ll even chuck in a free hangover essentials kit (bottled water, sachet of coffee, some much needed sugary sweets) for the next morning!

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